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  1. GENTLY exfoliate your skin prior to your sunless spray session. A gentle, sulfate-free skin polish, such as

    Norvell Renewing Sunless Exfoliator, can be used prior to your sunless session.

  2. Any waxing or shaving should be performed 24 hours in advance of applying sunless products.

  3. Remove any ‘barriers’ that may prevent the sunless product from absorbing into the skin evenly. These include, but are not limited to: make-up, deodorant, perfume, oils, moisturizers, residue from hair conditioners.

  4. Optimize your skin surface pH levels prior to application. Do not use bar soaps prior to your sunless tan, and apply Norvell Pre-Sunless xLaTan Ph Balancing Spray.


  1. Shower before your appointment. you cannot get lashes wet for 24 hours.

  2. Remove all makeup.

  3. Remove contact lenses if applicable.

  4. Wear comfortable clothing.




I'm Cassandra

First and foremost, I am a wife to a wonderful man named Carlton and a mama to four beautiful children! I have always loved spray tans and eyelash extensions even during the chaos of raising four children 4 years old and under!

Lashes on the Glow is all about providing women with the best eyelash extensions, spray tans! I use the highest quality lashes with the highest quality adhesive. You will receive a custom designed set that give your lashes the best POP! I make sure to give every woman a service that makes them feel great and look their best!

I am licensed and trained! My license number is 19043527.

Lashes on the Glow 

is proud to introduce our

Loyalty Program!

My number one priority is serving number one – my loyal customers. I'm honored you like me this much, so I’d like to give you a little something back.

How does our loyalty program work?

Entering the loyalty program is practically no work at all: it’s as simple as coming in to get the same lash artistry you’ve come to know and love. After just FIVE regular-priced fills – that’s right five, not ten – your next fill is FREE. That’s cheaper than a night on the town! But with the money you save, you’ll want to treat your new lashes to dinner, anyway. And since your well-groomed extensions will last a few weeks, you’ll be reminded of that extra cash each time you bat an eye.

I want my clients to enjoy their loyalty perks more often. At Lashes on the Glow, our regular-priced lashes are so good already, we offer them at a bargain to you, our loyal customers!

Our loyalty program is just as straight-forward as it seems!